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Hello lovelies, Hello queens&kings,

It has been a minute and I am happy to be back here. How are you all doing?

So much is going on but let us appreciate the fact that we are still here. On

my side, a lot has happened and I don't know where to start with, however I will

simply share with you the great news. Regardless this pandemic time we find ourselves

now, allow me to introduce you to my baby, LUV4YOU FASHION .

It has been a dream on hold for a long time and now I am grateful to have taken this step.

You can all relate to this statement; when you don't try, how will you know? To find out whether

things will work out, you definitely have to do to something - you have to put in actions because nothing comes from only dreaming. No, my darlings. Sure it all starts with that dream, then make a plan and to top this infuse/add actions and be constantly. And remember my darlings,

no matter how many times you fall, keep on getting up because what matters, is how many times you get up. Every moment of your life is to make you bold, stronger, wiser, too fierce, though and ready for the next step / chapter. Everyday I open my eyes, I appreciate each and every path in my life; the smooth the hard, the sweet the bitter, the ups the downs. It is simply through all these phases of my life that I am the woman/lady I am today. With my experience as a model, color and consultant, sales person - been employed, has made my love for fashion grow deeper and has helped me develop a strong self discipline habit. LUV4YOU FASHION is borned. The house of elegance. The gentlemen's club. Where I collect beautiful pieces for both ladies and gentlemen. You are all welcomed to have a look and feel free to share LUV4YOU FASHION.

Stay safe and I send you all love and remember looking good always is a lifestyle and it boosts your confidence and self-esteem leading to a healthy selfceare.



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