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It is not just a business white shirt. It is different and yet special with powerful personal style that makes it Unique. A piece that you can easily combine with other pieces in your closet and for different occasions. As you can see below, I paired the white shirt with a pencil skirt and classic pointed pumps. This way, it gives me that Ultra-Chic look [ like they say it in French ]. And you can ask my friends, they know I like everything très chic and Statement outfits are my cardio [ lol ]. What I personally love about the Hartwich shirts are the Details. The stand up collar and the concealed zipper, making the shirt look sporty and yet businesswise. I find it so practical with the zip shirt because you save time by dressing up and off unlike with the button shirt.Last but not least, the folded cuffs that gives the shirt a chic extraordinary look, so stylish yet simple and unique. Good for rolling up the sleeves the Italian style. Men’s shirts is the new trend. Shop my Hartwich zipper shirt and many other of their collection here.

Brenda Severin

Dressed by Hartwich_Menswear

Photography by Georg Braun

Hartwich zipper shirt.

The stand up collar.

Sleeves rolled up the Italian style.

The concealed zipper.

Create your own Style. Let it be Unique and yet Identifiable for others.

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