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Hello lovelies,

I hope you are doing fabulous. With me, I thank God, am doing fabulously great. As winter starts to say goodbye, I would like to share with you my favorite Fall Look 2017/18. This Fall was all about chic, elegant and keeping it classy&fabulous for me ( like always - lol ). Don’t give up on your closet saying you don’t have to dress up. Hello, yes you definitely have too. I mean, it’s cold outside, secondly you don’t just dress up for someone else but for yourself. And don’t forget, fall is the season for glamorous, putting different pieces of clothes, jewelries, shoes together. From Fur, Cashmere, Wool Coats to Maxi/Midi dresses,skirts, pants to over-knees, ankle boots, sneakers to different shape of hats, sun glasses simply combining old to vintage to new style. Well cut the story short, what am trying to say is you have to look polish all the time, whether there is sun or snow. Dress always polish, you never know when you will meet your enemy ( lol ).

This winter I tried to play with colors and still keeping it really simple and polish. My fall colors have been Navy, Royal blue, Red, Pink and ofcause Black. These colors are easily combined with many other colors or you can even just stick to monochrome and still look fabulously chic. So lovelies I hope I can inspire you with my looks that you can develope your own chic and elegant look. And remember, just go for something that reflects the person you are. You can learn from other people but at the end, you must have your own style. You are unique in every way you are made. You are a Masterpiece.


Brenda Severin

Outfit Details: Schneiders Salzburg Double Breasted Luxury Wool Coat , Thomas Riemer in Vienna Handmade Gloves, Buffalo Over The Knee Boots, Blessing High Neck Cashmere Sweater.

Zara Midi Skirt, Irina Scape&Vestiti Munich Brooch, Hair done by the lovely Ellen Koema .

I run with purpose in every step. Knowing that my best days are still out ahead of me. My greatest victories are in my future. I will become everything i was created to be. And important, i will have everything God intented for me to have. For i am the redeemed of the Most High God.

Outfit Details: Elisabetha Franchi Double Breasted Cashmere Coat , Zara Royalblue Blazer,

Van Laack Shirt Blouse, Ebay Fashion Navyblue Floral Skirt , Blick Silk Purple Tie ,

Thomas Riemer in Vienna Gloves, Buffalo Over The Knee Boots, Prada Store Munich Bag,

Rayban Sunglasses , Vintage Boutique in Singapore Scarf, Makeup from FACE by Brenda Severin cosmetics, Hair by Anderson Costa.

Outfit Details: Elisabetha Franchi Double Breasted Luxury Wool Coat, Zara Blazer,

Blessing Round neck Sweater, Van Laack Blouse, Irina Scape & Vestiti Munich Brooch,

Hallhuber Midi-Skirt, Thomas Riemer in Vienna Gloves, Wolford Tights, Zara Business Bag,

Buffalo Shoes.


Think like a man. Act like a Lady.

Focus - Grind - Success

Outfit Details: Schneiders Salzburg Double Breasted Luxury Wool Coat,

Blessing High Neck Sweater, Mango Strips Pants, Zara Ankel Boots,

Van Laack Navyblue Blazer, Trico Suspenders, Thomas Riemer in Vienna Gloves,

Prada Store Munich Bag ( my favorite ), Hair by Anderson Costa.

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