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Hello lovelies,

It is another season of Octoberfest in Munich and that means 18 days of fun and madness in town. So that we are all on the same line, Octoberfest is the world's biggest beer festival that takes place annually in Munich and is very well visited ( with more than 6 million people from all over the world ). When i first came to Munich and visited it, to be honest i was what is happening here coz this was new and so i wanted to know what exactly is Octoberfest ? A short history, Octoberfest known as the 'Wiesn' is a festival that was hold when King Ludwig I married Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on the 12th October 1810 whereby people were invited to celebrate with the Royals in front of the city gates. This place was later named Theresa's Meadow ( Theresienwiese ) to honour the crown pricess.

What takes place at the Wiesn?

Apart from just consuming beer, visitors enjoy alot of attractions for example; roller coasters, bumpers cars, carnival rides, devil's wheel and so many other games. My favourite one is ' hau den Lukas ' - once you visit the Wiesn, you will know what i mean. Now, lets talk about food .... omg, just what i love (food food food food). When it comes to food, there are variety of dishes .....from sweet to salty to sour. Here are some typical bavarian dishes;Kaiserschmarrn, Lebkuchen, Bratwurst, Schweinshaxe, Hendl, Steckerlfisch along with Brezel or Knödel, Sauerkraut and Obatzda.

What to wear for the Wiesn?

Well, this is my most favourite thing about Wiesn......the outfits. Ladies, please allow me to start with the men's look coz i will keep it simple. Men go in Lederhose with a combination of checked shirt mostly in red & white or blue & white or just plain white shirt. And as for us women, there are a variety type of dirndls nowadays - from traditional to modern dirndls. What you should know about wearing a dirndl is where to tie the knot? Ladies, tie your apron on the right side. When you tie the apron on the Left, that means you are single and ready to mingle ( lol ). A knot on the Right side indicates that you are either in a relationship, engaged or married ( you are taken ). And when you tie it in the middle in front, means you are a virgin and at the back, it shows that you are a widow. I asked why is this like that and the answer i got was, to avoid sending a wrong sign to the boys out there. With the positioning of your knot, the guys will get the message ..... lol.

Octoberfest 2017, let's have some fun.


Brenda Severin

Back to the roots ....... loving my african dirndl.

Wiesn 2017, am rocking my Ann Vitenge Dirndl.

Ann Vitenge Wiesn bag.

Keeping it tradional and classy with my Salzburger Dirndl.

Charivari ladies' Wiesn day. Big thanks to Selina for having us.

The lady in red.

Feeling fabulous in Vienna.

My first dirndl.

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