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Aktualisiert: 24. Nov. 2022

Hello lovelies,

Did you miss me? As on my side, I have missed you all and am super excited about what I have to share with you. This is a short article about my first time in a Cinderella life Jokes aside. To me, this fairytale was a world full of sparkling. A world that I have come to realize as a grown woman only exists in those books and still I never stopped dreaming of how it would feel like putting on those big gowns,clean makeup, sparkling shoes, beautiful hairstyle forgetting all the worries of the day and just be the princess of the evening. Little did I know that this dream will come to pass. If you can dream it, then you can live it darling. Allow me to share the juice with you. I was honoured last week to attend the Ball TOTAL in Munich and for this, thank you Dr.Walther for the invitation. It was time to Dress Up and i promised myself, I wouldn’t let me-down. I have always wanted to wear a ballgown and CHARMITE made it possible. Thank you for my unapologetically stunning gown. That I paired with my O’lala sparkling shoes, adding simple and yet fine Tiffany earrings, topping with my Dune London purse and styling my hair all the way back. And as for my Makeup, i kept my glam simple clean avoiding screaming eyeshadows leaving the focus on my stunning gown. I always tell myself no matter what i am wearing,my outfit has to give me the vibes, otherwise there is no need to even try it. And in this look lovelies, I was absolutely feeling the powerful vibes. So make sure you always look great for great vibes ( Know that your Outfit somehow has an impact about how you feel ). When i heard about the ball,all that l had in my head, was the Glamour forgetting that there was the dancing part. I love dancing but now I was put on a challenge that never ever crossed my mind. Holy Ghost come and rescue me. I could hear myself calling for help. Trust me, even though I could not dance the Viennese Waltz ( Wienner Walzer ), Disco Fox, ChaCha you name it, let me tell you, I was flying over the dancingfloor like an angel over the clouds dancing the Viennese Waltz, Disco Fox, ChaCha ( the Holy Ghost did come to rescue). Wow what a night it was. A night full of amazing moments with friends. Thank you for having me and i am looking forward to the future Balls ( now i will work on my dancing skills ).


Brenda Severin

Outfit Details: Ballgown from CHARMITE | Sparkling Shoes from O’lala Munich | Purse from Dune London | Ball Earrings from Tiffany | Hair by Ellen’s Hair Gallery | Make-up glam by me



Magical night.

Grateful Soul.

Feeling so powerful in my gown from CHARMITE

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