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SALZBURGER FESTSPIELE - ein gesellschaftliches Ereignis ( a so

It is an annual festival of music and drama that starts late July and goes on till end of August in the beautiful city of Salzburg where the Austrian popular composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. A small city but has a lot to offer for the local as well as for the visitors ( we shall talk about that in another post ). This year, it was an honor for me to attend this spectacular event where I watched the show from, ”Jedermann“ played by Philipp Hochmair ( in englisch, Everyman ). What a fascinating show - everything on this set was Grandiose like the customs, music, the dance, decoration the actors/actresses, the ambiance, and most important the message behind it ..... omg, money is not everything and don’t get me wrong, money makes our lives comfortable, yes but don’t just focus on it. What am trying to say is, be grateful of those who love you and find time for them - simply value your love ones. One day you will need them so show them love whilst you can. I would like to say thank you to CHARMITE-Mode Beauty Lounge in Munich for my breathtaking outfit. God’s willing, Salzburger Festspiele 2019 see you.

Thank you lovelies for your love.


Brenda Severin

Outifit Details: Sparkling Butterfly Dress from CHARMITE - Mode Beauty Lounge in Munich, Earings from Paris ( while on vacation ), Evening bag from LIU.JO, Sparkle shoes from Buffalo, Hair from Flora's Hair Lounge in Salzburg, Glam up by me #cleanmakeup by #brendaseverinmakeup

Always wear your smile because it goes well with your Outfit.

Simplicity will now and forever be equated with elegance.

What an incredible evening in Salzburg.

"Die Salzburger Festspiele machen eine kleine Stadt zu eine International Hotspot."

Standing ovation.


After the Show make sure you booked a table for a nice dinner. I can recommend you St. Peters Keller, Blau Gans, Monchsberg M32 ( Dining on top of the City ) and the list is endless.

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