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Hello lovelies,

Spring is here and am loving it. Every season comes with its own beauty. Well, what have you all been up to? Let’s talk about Glam. I love everything glamorous. Be it fashion ( like you all know ), beauty simply clean makeup with some touch of boldness especially when it comes to lips ( I love to wear my lipgloss colorful ). Well cut the story short, today I’ll take you through my beauty journey. When am not infront of the camera, I got my beauty magic brush and I love glamming my queens for that special day, birthday, business, casual to evening look and yes not forgetting that redcarpet glow. For every great makeup look, it all starts with clean skin ( we shall cover this topic some other time ). Once your face is clean, moisturize then apply primer that is suitable for your complexion. The primer is to minimize the pores visibility and to give you that smooth skin so that you can blend your makeup easily and holds it all day long. Next wear your foundation and ladies in small portion, blend it . To fix your foundation add loose powder just a little and blend it down your neck coz you absolutely don’t want to look like a ghost ( lol ). Now that you got your base done, work on your eyebrows keeping them simple. Then depending on the occasion, put on the glow. For an every day look, go for no makeup makeup look with bold lips ( pink, red, purple, orange ). And for evening, party look you can go dramatic with your eyes ( smoking eyes or just add a flick ). And you are glam to go. It is great to get some tips about Makeup, just know that the best way to learn is to practice on yourself. Do not just follow everything you see on Youtube. Everyone has a different face shape. Have fun and Keep on shining.

Big thank you to my lovely model Juliana, i had an amazing time glamming her for my Glamour Girl goes Bold Look. And it is always a pleasure working with you Georg Braun. And for the wardrobe, thank you O`lala Munich and Pia Bolte for your amazing Outfits.


Brenda Severin

GLAMOUR GIRL: Makeup by Brenda Severin, Model: Juliana de Souza, Wardrobe: O'lala Munich

and Photographer: Georg Braun .

True Beauty is about loving and being your authentic self. Simply being at peace with who you are. And makeup is just to enchance your inner Beauty.

BOLD: Makeup by Brenda Severin, Model: Juliana de Souza, Wardrobe: PIA BOLTE® Fashion

and Photographer Georg Braun.

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