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Hello gorgeous,

Let's talk about glam. Just like any other parts of our Body, our lips are very important. How do you take care of your lips? Because if you don't deal with the dead Skin on your lips, no matter which brand of lipsticks you are wearing, you will always have that feeling that your lips are dry ...... hence the colors will not show up well. And for sure we can avoid all these. How can we do that? Below are some of my tips on how i keep my lips healthy, clean and juicy. To start you will need a few things; Honey, Sugar, Water and Lip Balsam.

1. Mix alittle bit of honey with sugar( if you like oil+sugar ).

2. Use the mixture as a mask and rub on your lips either using your fingers or your toothbrush.

3. Clean your lips with water and watch them glow.

Then you can finish this process with for example i use SunDance Lip Balsam during daytime and Vaseline in the evening before bedtime. Have fun and Keep on glowing.


Brenda Severin

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