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Hello lovelies,

Let us talk about our hairs ..... well as for me, an african lady, when my hair is not good then be sure so are my moods - just kidding ;) but my chocolate ladies know what i mean. Living in Europe has made me appreciate my hairstylists even better than ever. Cause boy, it is not easy to find someone who understands your hair and can fix it according to your aura. It took me years and am happy to share with you gorgeous ladies out there, where you can get your hair done when you are in Germany at affortable prices. For sure there are so many and the following are my top 3 hairstylists (the ones behind my beautiful Hair-Looks).

Very punctual and fast (just my thing coz having time is one thing and keeping time is another thing). Anet, you are amazing. Sew in or sew out, you have to get in contact with her (here).

You want to be as exclusive and get spoiled, then you have to visit Dr. Ellen. Like seriously this lady will spoil you from washing your hair, head massage, treating your natural hair and give you tips on how to maintain that glam hair. She is also wigs specialist ..... just get your customized wig from Dr. Ellen. Very clean work (here).

Looking Good is Good Manners.


Brenda Severin

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