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Hello lovelies,

I hope you are all doing awesome. It's been a while and I am happy to share with you my Zanzibar experience. What a beautiful Island. So small and yet very active. This Island is rich. The landscape very beautiful; so green, palm trees tall and strong. The beaches are stunning. White sand beaches with crystal turkis water.

The meals / dishes so fresh and delicious. I like how people enjoy fruits here in Africa ( any time is fruits time ). The taste is vivid in the mouth.

People are quinine friendly and peaceful here. Africa is beautiful. Africa is evolving. Africa is welcoming. Karibu Africa.

What you should consider before you travel to Zanzibar? Is, you definitely want to book a local tour guide - GRANDEZZA TOURS&TRAVEL ZANZIBAR to prepare you for your trip. And on your stay, they will show you the beauty of this gorgeous Island and make your vacation a unique experience.

Here are a few things to do while in Zanzibar. And trust me, your tour guide will cater to your maximum enjoyment.

1 . Kite Surfing

Zanzibar is among the hotspots in the world for kitesurfing. Perfect wind, perfect beach and awesome vibes ( Hakuna Matata ).

Kite Centre Zanzibar

2 . Stone Town

Absolutely beautiful with its imperfection. The houses are made out of stones. The streets are narrow and full of shops. Kids playing soccer while adults play chase on the verandas. This town, reminds me of Mombasa Old Town. Looks almost the same. I call it Swahili Town. I would spend the whole day strolling Stone Town enjoying the street food ( in Coast we call them vipochopocho ) and discovering their organic skincare products.

3. Darajani Market

Another way to learn people's culture is to visit their markets. Discover what kind of foods, Fruits, spices and clothing they use. Have fun and don't forget to get the Zanzibarian spices.

4. Lukmann Swahili Cuisine Zanzibar

For that authentic local meal, this is the place to be. It is very simple and so loud and yet the meals are delicious and very affordable. For a little quietness, I will recommend you sit upstairs. Big thanks goes to GRANDEZZA for this experience.

5. Safari Blue

As the name says it, Safari Blue-spending the whole day on water or by water. Coming from Coast, going for walks at the beach was among many other activities my favorite. You will definitely like it. I leave the details to your tour guide.

6. Beach + Dhow sunset

Depending on which part of the Island you will be staying at, make sure you enjoy the African magical sunset on a dhow. I loved the Nungwi Beach ..... it was so lively.

7. Accommodation

There are so many gorgeous hotels and apartments in Zanzibar. Below are two hotels I personally have stayed at and for more options, kindly consult GRANDEZZA TOURS&TRAVEL ZANZIBAR .

MR. KAHAWA has worn a special place in my heart - it is an authentic place. And the location is top. Get out of your bed and enjoy a delicious breakfast right in front of the beach. This place is perfect for anyone interested in kite surfing.


For anyone who would like to have it peaceful, this is the place for you. The rooms have a terrace with a magnificent serene.I loved how each and every room has its own theme. No room was like the other one. You will immediately feel at home. Don't forget to visit the famous restaurant, The Rock.

Zanzibar has a lot to offer. Kindly consult GRANDEZZA TOURS&TRAVEL ZANZIBAR for more information. Enjoy your Zanzibar experience.



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