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I know you just from the Geographic map, from television, magazines and one of the most famous person from this beautiful Island is of course the one&only Rihanna aka Badgalriri. My passion for traveling is undescribable and this Island has been on my list like forever. They say if you want to manifest something you have to pen it down and so that’s what I have been doing and every year, am checking on my list and declaring manifestation. Since I started speaking life into everything that I want, things are happening. Some might take long but sure they take place. I am so blessed to have this chance to see, breath, touch, live and explore you beautiful Barbados. Lovelies, before I overload you with my daily experiences, let me make a short introduction. What is and where is Barbados located at? Barbados is a beautiful Island in the Caribbean, located in the Atlantic Ocean, east of the other West Indies Island. It is an independent British commonwealth nation [ for my Kenyan sisters&brothers, you don’t need a visa to visit - for other countries, kindly check with the visa requirements ]. It is 166 sq miles - 21 miles long by 14 miles wide. Due to its’ coral and limestone base, Barbados’ drinking water is one of the purest in the world [ so you could actually drink their tap water ]. English is the official language here and also they have a dialect, Bajan that i could not understand a word. Their currency is Barbados Dollar and they accept the US Dollar as well - so when traveling here, you might want to change your currency. This place is not only beautiful but people here are super friendly, very kind and they will go out of their way to help you. On our first evening, we got lost since we did not have a navigation system in the car we had rented and our mobile internet was not functioning here, I remember asking for directions to our apartment and they called the place to get the exactly address and thanks God, all was good then. So the first thing you want to do when you get to Barbados is getting a local SIM card with full internet services. So you can make calls and easily navigate yourselves through the Island. This way, you minimize those small arguments with your partner. I don’t know about you, but as for me, sitting in a car, no nagivation in the middle of nowhere, the tension is most definitely not my favorite. Truth be told, men have that mentality they are the only smartest person and as for us women, we are always right [ lol ]. So when king says, I know the direction, queen says I believe we should go the other way my love. It’s like you are on cameras [ verstecktes Kamera cut cut cut ]. To cut the story short, am so happy we found a solution and had our magical moments like always. Barbados reminded me of my motherland. I felt absolutely at home. The environment, the air, beautiful colorful different flowers / plants, delicious meals, the loud cars, bumpy roads, happy and caring people with positive energy, the beaches omg life is awesome,sitting at the beach sipping on a coconut water/cocktail - Maisha raha. Another thing I noticed, things are very slow here . . . lol. I thought Kenya was slow but Barbados is leading at the moment. Since we were staying in an apartment, we wanted to buy some foods and water so we could do our breakfast and we got up very early and by 7:30 we were out only to realize that life starts from 8:30 / 9:00am or even later [ and on Sundays no cafes are opened ]. Anyway, we were on vacation, no hurry - pole pole.

We definitaly had a brilliant vacation. Everyday exploring the Island. Me super excited like a child, I had my list ready - must visit places in Barbados and therefore there was no space for boredom. Our day would start with sightseeing, afternoons beach time and in the evening dining.

1. Rihanna Drive

It was so inspiring to just see her home base. I felt a little closer to her. A very small street and yet so vibrant. I loved the colors of the houses.

2. Hunte’s Garden

If you are a plant lover like me, this is a MUST [ sure there are other beautiful gardens on the Island but this one caught my attention ]. It was created and is owned by Anthony Hunte. This garden is beautiful, calming, authentic and the host Mr. Hunte is very friendly. I loved all the flowers [ ornamental banana flower, blue iris, hibiscus, orchids ], plants [ royal palms ], the music and the sound of the birds, the relaxing areas within the garden, the tea and dining tables gorgeous. I’m so inspired now for our garden.

3. St. Nicholas Abbey

I loved everything here. I don’t know where to start with. It’s not just about the rum making and tasting but I love the house as a whole. It’s style and of course, the interior - vintage and elegant. As a child, I remember we used to have similar plates that my queen mum would happily display them in her cupboard in the livingroom -very decorative...right? I know [ now you know where I got my decorating passion from ].

We also had so much fun tasting the rum with one of the owners Mr. Simon and his team, very funny and authentic people. I personally have learned one or two things about rum. And when it came to getting a bottle for home, we applied the same theory as for wine or champagne; the bigger the bottle, the better the product or the older the wine, the better the taste. I really recommend you this place - go have fun and when possible get yourself a special rum bottle with the big boss, Mr. Warren’s signature and your own message on the bottle.

4. Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill

If you are into machines, you will definitely like this one. As for me, I was attracted by its’ size. It is huge, no it’s Massive, the woods, the machines, the walls, everything on this mill is just extra extra and yet so beautiful. The world larger and only sugar windmill. You sure should see it. It’s take just a few minutes when you are there.

5. Barbados Concorde Experience

Unfortunately, they were closed due to some renovations. When you are lucky, visit them .... MUST see.

6. Oistins Fish Fry Market

You want to eat and dance with the barbadians, this is the place to be every Fridays. The energy is vibrant. Sitting with the crowd on benches and eating the original Barbadian food, that is what I call luxury lifestyle. After eating you can go around and buy some souvenirs and simply dance to the music. MUST visit.

7. Harrison’s Cave

Offers great knowledge about Barbados. If you are into geography, you would like it.

8. Cherry Tree Hill

Normally I would call this, the observatory point [ I have discovered such points a lot while on our last year’s trip to the States ].

From here, you will have a spectacular view of Barbados. And there are a few souvenirs stands.

9. Restaurants

With restaurants in Barbados, you have to do some reservations especially in the evenings to get a good table because they are always full. Lucky we were just the two of us so we could easily get a place. Sea Shed, The Fish Pot Restaurant at the little good Harbour, Tapas, Nishi Restaurant and street kitchen ... just to mention a few.

10. Beaches

Every beach on this Island is amazing beautiful. I am an island lady and this beaches; Mullins Beach, Sandy Lane Beach, Bottom Bay, Accra Beach blew my mind - White sand, turquoise water .... wow. And big thanks to Nina Mire' for my beachwears.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the adventure with me and when you have a chance in future, visit the beautiful Island and experience its magic. I am looking forward for my next visit [ queens’ vacation ] .

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